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  • Orient Mako Mens Watch : Highly Reliable and Very Affordable Orient M-Force Mens Watches
    Orient offers a wide range of watches at affordable prices. A case in point is the highly reliable and very affordable Orient M-Force Mens Watches. M-Force stands for mechanical force in short and these are truly rugged mechanical watches that stand out on their own against the competition. While they might not look as sleek and classy as the
  • Orient Mako Mens Watch : Highly Reliable and Very Affordable Orient Automatic Watches
    Most affordable watches available in the market today are quartz watches, meaning they run on a battery. But then, a quartz watch is not the only inexpensive option available today. You can always go for the highly reliable and very affordable Orient Automatic watches. The Orient Watch Co. focuses on producing mechanical timepieces that not only ke
  • Orient Mako Mens Watch : Orient Automatic Mako Dive Mens Watch
    Every manufacturer has a ‘war horse’ product meaning a particular product that is highly popular and brings in the maximum revenue for the company. The Orient Mako Dive Watch for men is one such product. Introduced almost 10 years ago, the Orient diver watches for mens was an instant hit. Its medium sized (41 mm) dial resulted in a medium size
  • Orient Mako Mens Watch : Orient Classic Automatic Men’s Watch
    While the modern trend for the younger generation veers towards chunky, sophisticated Orient watches that look more at home in a spacecraft than on Earth, there is still a sizeable population of middle-aged and senior folks who love their watch to have classic looks at the top with an up-to-date engine under the hood. The Orient range of classic
  • Orient Mako Mens Watch : Elegance meets functionality in Orca – an Orient automatic diver’s watch for men
    Today we review the Orca – a different kind of Orient Mako Mens Watch from Orient of Japan. Although offered under the umbrella name of Diver’s automatic, this is not a professional diver’s watch. But it being water resistant up to depths of 100 meters (just over 300 feet), it would look great on the wrist of any skin diver or shallow wat